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Our expert team of consultants conducts comprehensive analyses encompassing brand positioning, product assortment, pricing strategies, target customer demographics, market segments, competitive landscape, and value chain dynamics. With this in-depth insight, we craft a formidable strategy that not only propels brand launches but also drives substantial growth in business revenues and profit margins.

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"Experience the potential for exponential growth when you choose our e-commerce account management services. We're not just here to boost your sales; we're here to help you achieve 10x growth. Our proven strategies, market insights, and tailored solutions will propel your business to new heights, ensuring you reach and exceed your revenue goals. Join us in this journey to unparalleled success in the e-commerce world."

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How do we achieve it?

Unique Content

Our in-house content experts create unique, copyright-free product content, following marketplace guidelines.

Ad Campaign Expertise

We maximize ROI while minimising PPC costs and ACOS, ensuring your investment is well spent.


Reporting is important for planning. We leverage past reports to plan and strategise future growth

Keyword Indexing

Our experienced account managers use advanced tools to extract relevant keywords, boosting your online visibility.

Strategizing Prices

We ensure your pricing strategy strikes the perfect balance between profit and competitiveness


We prioritise transparent communication with real-time reporting and close collaboration to keep you informed and engaged.

400% growth recorded in Just 12 Months of service with Octa Tech

marc loire

Marc Loire

Started off with OctaTech in July 2021, with advanced planning and strategising processes for shoes category, achieved a staggering increase into sales and went on from 6 figure to 7 figures.

Pocket Friendly Packages​

OctaTech offers effective and efficient e-com management packages for Businesses.



Listing Creation (Upto25 skus)


Keyword Indexing


Sponsored Ads Management


Brand Approval


GTIN Exemption


Buyer-Seller Comm


FBA Management


Monthly Report


Account Health Check


Case Log Management



All services of Beginner included

Display Ads Management


Seller review management


Traffic Monitoring


Coupons & Deals Management


Flex Portal Management


Upto 3 POAs/Appeals


Video Upload (Upto 10)


Pricing Strategies


FBA Reports & Management


Weekly Reports Regional


Replication Brand Registry



All services of Basic included

Dedicated Account Manager


Flex Portal Management


Brand ads Unlimited Video


Uploads Daily Reports


Brand Story Campaign


Reporting Upto 10 Appeals


Voice of Customer Analysis


Graphic Support*

Some frequently asked questions

Effective e-commerce management ensures your online store operates smoothly, improves customer experience, and maximizes sales and profitability.

OctaTech typically offer a range of services, including product listing optimisation, inventory management, Sponsored ads management, Keyword Indexing, analytics, and day-to-day account management.

Keyword Indexing involves optimising product listings and content to rank higher in search engine results. It’s essential because it drives organic traffic and increases visibility with improved search results, leading to more sale.

Outsourcing e-commerce management can save you time and resources, leverage the expertise of professionals, and result in improved sales, efficiency, and profitability.

The timeline for seeing results varies based on the specific strategies and services implemented. Generally, it may take a few weeks to several months to see significant improvements in sales and performance.

Yes, OctaTech have experience in international e-commerce and can assist with expanding your online business into new markets.

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